Flat Bed Transport

White Mountain Trucking has a versatile fleet that will transport what you need where you need it, safely, securely, and efficiently. Our Flat Bed transport covers all types of construction building materials, light to medium equipment, over-dimensional loads, and short or long term runs.

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Versatile Fleet

Construction Building Materials

Light to Medium Equipment

Over-Dimensional Loads

Short Haul & Long Haul

Peace of Mind

Throughout the entire shipping process you can expect professionalism and assurance that your goods arrive safely and on-time.

All Types of Construction Building Materials

When working on a construction project, the last thing you want is to be held up because your equipment or building materials have yet to arrive. There are a lot of construction needs and requirements that could, if ignored, destroy thousands of dollars of materials and equipment. Each piece of equipment has their own special permits, securement procedures, and other intricate details that we make it our responsibility to know. Once the job is finished, we will even remove all the equipment to leave less work for you. Don’t risk your project failing with other companies; choose White Mountain Trucking for a guaranteed success.

Leave all the work to us and we guarantee safe and quick transport for all your materials. Contact us today!

Light to Medium Equipment

White Mountain Trucking can safely and efficiently transport the equipment you need to where you need it. Our Light to Medium Equipment transport covers forklifts, cars, trucks, trailers, generators, and other similarly-sized equipment. 

Over-Dimensional Loads

You may have had issues in the past with scheduling over-dimensional loads. That is not the case anymore. Every case is different, and we make sure to account for each of your unique needs.

It’s What We Are Here For 

Transporting over-dimensional loads requires both special equipment and training that not every company has. We at White Mountain Trucking are proud to have offered exceptional over-dimensional transport services to our customers since 2012. We make it our goal to be able to support our customers through whatever they need shipping.

Short Haul and Long Haul

We are here to be your transportation partner for the road ahead. There is no such thing as a haul that is too long or too short for us at White Mountain Trucking. Our day is only done when everything is where they need to be, and not a minute sooner. We do the work for you so you can have peace of mind and simply watch your transport arrive. Contact us today to get your transportation quote!

Short Haul

We are here to help you first and foremost, even if that means just helping you move a couple miles. Our day is only done when everything is where it needs to be, it is our job to make sure that you are fully taken care of and without worry.  

Long Haul

Your needs may be from coast to coast or border to border. Ship with us for ease of mind and on time service.

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